Ten Warning Signs Your ERP Project Needs Intervention
August 20, 2021

Ten Warning Signs Your ERP Project Needs Intervention

You’ve just spent countless hours and money on an ERP implementation that was to improve everything your organization does, from HR and accounting to operations, inventory and managing regulatory compliance needs. Now people are quite literally crying in the hallway and fingers are being pointed all around. Here are the biggest warning signs that your ERP project needs an intervention:

  1. The project has gone way overbudget
  2. There is now major scope creep happening and suddenly customizations are being discussed for the first time
  3. The implementation methodology is vague or continuously changing
  4. The project was supposed to have been completed months ago yet you don’t have a fraction of the deliverables you expected
  5. Your own company’s implementation team has stopped prioritizing the project
  6. The executive team has lost interest, stopped participating in meetings and wants someone else to deal with the issues arising
  7. The manual processes you were trying to replace are becoming even more cumbersome because you’ve added to them since the ERP isn’t functioning properly
  8. ERP partner reports are either missing or repetitive, but no progress seems to be occurring
  9. Your main contacts from the implementation company with which you’re partnering aren’t returning calls or messages
  10. Overall, you’ve lost trust in your current partner

Do these signs sound familiar? If so, it’s time to consider an ERP project rescue. If you have analysis paralysis just considering the options available, contact us now. With no pressure or obligation, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction when it comes to an intervention for your ERP system.

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