September 6, 2018

[In the News]: 3 Trends Transforming the Modern Workplace

Advances in technology and shifting workforce demographics are creating a more fluid work environment, redefining what productivity looks like, and empowering individuals to work smarter. With an influx of new talent that values experiences, continued… Continue Reading

July 13, 2017

Case Study: European Union Aims to Realign Needs of Student and Teacher in Digital Age

[July 2017] Having grown up with computers, Google and smartphones, students of the millennial generation and younger are very comfortable with the concept of learning via technology. In contrast, traditional pedagogy has not kept pace… Continue Reading

July 5, 2017

In the News: Manufacturing soars in June in the Midwest

(July 2017) June proved to be a month of growth for Midwest manufacturers as domestic and overseas production orders surged, per an economic report issued by Creighton University. The nine state Mid-America Business Conditions Index… Continue Reading

April 20, 2017

Improve Warranty and Claims Management with CuroGens mv360

[April 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturing company and you, along with your network of dealers, are using manual methods to enter claims and warranty information, CuroGens mv360 can save your business significant time and money. With mv360, you can direct your dealers to a cloud-based, self-service portal to quickly input claims, parts descriptions and even attach photographs for… Continue Reading

February 1, 2017

In the News: Boating Industry Goes After Millennials with High-Tech, Tricked-Out Crafts

[February 2017] The boating industry’s typical customer is the deep-pocketed baby boomer. But like most consumer-driven industries, boat manufacturers and dealers are working hard to appeal to millennials. Many younger consumers, however, are saddled with… Continue Reading