December 11, 2019

[In the News]: How ERP Can Improve Your Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing world is changing rapidly. What are the top manufacturing companies doing to stay ahead of the constant changes? Read this article by Peter Kowalke for ToolBox Tech for some good insight into what… Continue Reading

October 3, 2019

[In The News]: Benefits of ERP For Reducing Manufacturing Costs

Whether you're seeking logical reasoning for entertaining an ERP upgrade or new to the idea all together, here is a good break down from ERP Focus of just one of the ways ERP can improve… Continue Reading

May 14, 2019

Q&A: Root Cause Analysis Using the Fishbone Diagram

We recently hosted a Facebook Live session featuring CuroGens’ CEO Jesper Kehlet, to discuss how the fishbone diagram can not only help identify the root cause of an issue but also help in developing a… Continue Reading

March 2, 2018

What Top-Performing Manufacturers Do Differently

The top 35 percent of manufacturing organizations stay ahead of the curve by using their ERP systems more effectively and extensively than the competition. These leaders are answering the need for better automation, visibility and… Continue Reading

November 29, 2017

Lack of ERP Usability Keeps Some Manufacturers in The Digital Dark Era

In a recent study conducted by IFS, “88 percent of respondents said they would be likely to use spreadsheets with 84 percent citing Microsoft Excel in situations where enterprise software usability was poor.” This study… Continue Reading

July 5, 2017

In the News: Manufacturing soars in June in the Midwest

(July 2017) June proved to be a month of growth for Midwest manufacturers as domestic and overseas production orders surged, per an economic report issued by Creighton University. The nine state Mid-America Business Conditions Index… Continue Reading

June 19, 2017

In the News: Manufacturing 4.0 Raises Expectations of Global Manufacturing Leaders

[June 2017] The manufacturing industry is in a state of transformation. Heightened levels of agility, flexibility and actionable knowledge are raising the expectations, as well as doubts, of global manufacturing leaders. Most agree Manufacturing 4.0… Continue Reading

April 25, 2017

In the News: More Women Could Lift Manufacturing Sector

Although there has been an overall positive change in the industry’s attitude toward female employees, women still make up only 29 percent of the U.S. manufacturing workforce. They are about half of the total U.S.… Continue Reading

December 29, 2016

In the News: The Jet Capsule Will Soon Catapult Across the Water

[December 2016] The futuristic Jet Capsule looks more like a pod plopped down from its intergalactic mothership than a boat built in Italy. Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the high-tech transport is fashioned mostly from carbon, features a V-shaped hull, and can carry single or double engine options (paired with hydro-jet propulsion) totaling up to 520 hp for a maximum speed… Continue Reading

December 29, 2016

In the News: Boat sales in 3Q were highest since 2008

[December 2016] Recreational boat sales rose less than 1 percent in the third quarter, but that was enough for the industry to record the highest sales for that quarter since 2008. Sales rose 1.1 percent in the main powerboat segments to 43,494 and 0.8 percent industrywide to 73,055 in 47 states that represent 97 percent of the U.S. boating market,… Continue Reading