Our Story

More than 25 years ago, Jesper Kehlet was a member of Damgaard’s software development team that created Axapta, now known as Microsoft Dynamics.

Jesper founded CuroGens in 2012 (which in Latin means ‘care for people’) with the idea of harnessing his expertise while innovating on the typical business models he had encountered throughout his career. He wanted to ensure that every business interaction made an impact that bettered the lives of others.

CuroGens’ goal is to meet or exceed the business needs of our customers in alignment with this deep-seated value. We strive to help our customers learn and understand how to make data relevant and useful. We enable organizations to make informed business-critical decisions and spark growth. We assist other companies in fulfilling their overall vision by integrating good corporate citizenship with ideas that can be implemented.

Our Values

We hold two concepts near and dear to our hearts: work/life balance and environmental stewardship. We always strive to promote harmony between life and work. From the top all the way down, we encourage employees to regularly take time off, whether to participate in charitable activities of their choosing, take a vacation or just refresh.

CuroGens provides its employees with an unlimited PTO and flexible work scheduling as well as an employer-paid medical, dental and vision plan. We support employees’ well-being, and in turn we enjoy a happy and healthy work environment that benefits both us and our clients. With company incentives based on quality and customer satisfaction, good planning usurps the need for employees to forfeit personal time in order to meet a deadline.

We also work on reducing businesses’ carbon footprint through various methods, including suggesting to our clients ways that they can better support green initiatives as well as working with local groups whose projects reflect this same objective. We want to make sure that we are leaving this planet in better shape for our children in the future.

Our Vision

From the moment of our inception in 2012, CuroGens has focused on B2B software development and ERP solution implementation, but those practices cannot and should not stand alone. We have incorporated meaningful changes to our business that reflect the true vision of our CEO and employees – a pledge to make a lasting, positive impact on the world. CuroGens is fully committed to creating products that both reduce inequality and advance prosperity.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to working with companies and individuals that share the desire to make a positive impact on the world and understand the broader implications of their own products and services. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that help these culture-conscious companies thrive and optimize while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint.

Leadership Team

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curogens jesper kehlet

Jesper Kehlet

Founder & CEO
Jesper’s passion for Microsoft Dynamics, combined with 25+ years of consulting, sales and business development experience, has been instrumental in providing CuroGens’ clients with best-in-class solutions, services and support. Jesper has a broad management foundation and longstanding experience with B2B sectors in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Australia. He studied economics, investment and asset management, environmental management and business strategy at Copenhagen Business School.

Mike Cleary

VP, Finance & Operations
Mike provides financial and operational leadership across CuroGens, working closely with Jesper to safeguard the company’s foundational principles and ensure the success of clients and employees. He has more than 25 years of experience in various business models and industries. Mike is known for leading strong, diverse teams to support business strategies and objectives by focusing on continuous process improvement.

Lisa Brown

Director, Marketing
Lisa is responsible for managing the CuroGens brand and directing the development and execution of marketing communications. Lisa has been in communications for more than 20 years, and for the past ten years, her primary focus has been on the technology field. She most recently was employed by the technology publishing division of Pearson, where she served as senior communications and public relations manager. Lisa holds a master’s degree in public relations.

Andrea Yovanovich

Strategic Engagement Officer
Andrea specializes in fostering relationships and works side-by-side with clients to ensure clear communication and satisfaction with each project. She has an extensive background in the non-profit sector, growing corporate and community engagement, financial support and public presence. Andrea works tirelessly to help the community around her set, meet and surpass their goals, whatever they may be.


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