What’s the Biggest Contributing Factor to ERP Failure? The Real Answer May Surprise You
March 7, 2022

What’s the Biggest Contributing Factor to ERP Failure? The Real Answer May Surprise You

In the ERP business, we’ve all heard or lived through real-life horror stories of ERP failure. The ones where generally upbeat people are actually crying in the hallways. In fact, Gartner has estimated that upwards of 75 percent of all ERP implementations fail. But why?

The consultants at CuroGens have been around the block a few times. We know technology backwards and forwards, as do many of the fine ERP firms out there. Technology, or the ability to apply it correctly, surprisingly isn’t a key contributing factor of ERP failure. We know that budgets can go vastly awry, set-in-stone deadlines can be blown out of the water and the right processes aren’t put into place. But what causes the issue in the first place? We believe – no, we know – that the answer comes down to the lack of true relationship building.

The People
One wise co-worker of ours has explained why he thinks he has customers that like working with him and it’s really pretty simple. This is a relationship business. Like any other relationship, you need to build trust through transparency, only make promises you can deliver, effectively solve problems and be a dependable resource.

These aren’t unreasonable expectations, really. But if you look more closely at what makes these standards possible, there are layers of groundwork that exist. Because the best relationships are born from more than the desire to do the right thing.

The Culture
A company’s culture can make or break the level of satisfaction an employee experiences. And a positive culture can help set the standard of positive relationship building with customers.

There are numerous factors that make up the unique culture we have here at CuroGens.

First and foremost, we are driven to continuously learn. Our company is made up of curious individuals who are always striving to try new things, and open to new ways of looking at or doing business. Equally as important, we respect and trust one another. Our company does not operate from a top-down mentality. Rather, each individual is trusted to make decisions. If a decision leads to an issue, no one is reprimanded. Employees are encouraged to learn from their mistakes to continue their learning journey.

We are also all invested in the greater good. We want to improve our processes and those of our customers to lessen the environmental impact on our planet and make it a better place for generations to come. And we genuinely have fun at work and with each other. We have likeable people who all want the same outcomes.

Although many of CuroGens’ workers are in different time zones and our native languages are different from one another, we use it as an opportunity learn from our differing backgrounds and cultures. The way that CuroGens operates is truly global. We aren’t siloed by country or region. We work together, doing hand-offs to each other from different time zones, always sharing information and project progress, so that we’re continuously helping our customers achieve optimal success.

The Outcomes
When we put our resources together, we find that great things happen, over and over again. Timelines and budgets stay on track, and if they change, it’s because we’re upfront and honest with our customers about realistic targets. Our clients don’t get big surprises because we build the kind of relationships with them that keep them in the know.

We have found ourselves specializing in ERP rescue projects because companies come to us when their existing projects break down. We have worked hard to build the trust and reliability that our customers expect from us every day. The bottom line is that we truly care – this is a relationship business and that always comes first.

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