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CuroGens is a software developer (ISV) that identifies gaps in the way current business practices are executed and creates technology and BI solutions that help organizations solve complex challenges.

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CuroGens mv360 is a cloud-based sales and service solution for transportation manufacturers that enables real-time management and sharing of vehicle warranty claims data. This increases communication between the manufacturer and its dealers—and ultimately—results in a happier end-user.

While out in the field with our motor vehicle manufacturing customers, CuroGens CEO Jesper Kehlet saw that using multiple systems without real-time communication capabilities were hurting the manufacturers themselves and causing customer service to suffer in their respective dealerships. CuroGens mv360 was born from the desire to simplify processes and open lines of communication between the manufacturer and dealer so the customer could be better served.

CuroGens Learning is an educational solution that addresses the needs of underserved students by facilitating individualized learning paths. The program additionally aligns learning styles with the curriculum necessary for students to pass a high school equivalency exam.

CuroGens Chief Learning Officer Ole Hjorth is a highly respected global educator, leader and trainer. Throughout his career, he has built courses using a unique learning design based on scientific models that promote brain-friendly learning and rewarding training experiences for the participants. With CuroGens Learning, Ole has created a student-centered, adaptive learning environment that is continuously feedback-focused and has data-driven intelligent feedback for the teachers. To many this is a paradigm shift in education.

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