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Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System (VMS) for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 provides a highly customized and comprehensive solution for companies that manufacture products with a Vehicle or Hull Identification Number sold through dealer networks. VMS enables manufacturers and dealers to track units such as motor vehicles, watercraft and all-terrain vehicles throughout their lifecycle.

VMS Dashboard

VMS for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 provides flexible unit production management with efficient VIN/HIN tracking. Propelled from the dashboard, vital business information can be accessed by every employee in the company. Centrally manage units across your entire enterprise and dealer network through the VMS dashboard.

Core VMS functionality:

Sales and Customer Service

Gain real-time visibility into a dealer’s entire operation, empowering sales and customer service teams to more efficiently handle the sales of units, options and parts to dealers. Parts orders are naturally separated from unit orders. Dealers may also have product line limitations, and/or could be set up as multi-site and multi-company dealerships. Streamline orders with rules-based product configuration. Other features include: unit owner tracking, built-in change order processes with approval workflow and the ability to view sales orders and invoices.

Production and Unit Configuration

When a unit is ready to be made, VMS helps you every step of the way. Scheduling adjustments can be made at any time. VIN assignments are easily managed automatically (based on rules) or manually. VMS can easily manage and update orders based on model changes, including mid-year option changes or specific customer requests. With VMS you can track scheduled and actual online and offline dates as well as collect shop floor time/data and integrate with leading PDM/PLM systems.

Planned and As-Built Bills of Material

Within the VMS Dashboard, you can view information on both the original BOM for the unit as well as the as-built BOM, which is an editable form. It also includes find and replace functionality, in-process change (IPC) and Engineering Change Notification (ECN).

Unit Management

Unit tracking information is handled by a unit’s VIN/HIN number and all components of the unit are visible upon request with serial number tracking. VIN/HIN numbers are auto-generated and easily managed through the VMS Dashboard. When a unit is sold or shipped, payments can be tracked by the VIN/HIN number, including freight and other charges.


Aside from selling a unit, the most important thing in the value stream is the ability to ship it. Track shipment yard inventory and important information such as title, weight tags, trailer labels and bills of lading. When shipping the inventory, freight fuel surcharges can be applied and if something changes, freight can easily be updated for all open orders.

Historical and Pending Warranty Claims

When a unit is sold by a dealer, it goes through a simple warranty registration process that allows for easy handling of warranty claims, pre-authorization and parts returns with photo requirements. With VMS an included flat rate manual serves as an indispensable tool in managing any type of claim or service.

Quality Issues and Resolutions

VMS enables the creation of tests and categories to be created for a given unit, item group and/or item number. Quality notes may be added to each test, including a stamp with the inspector who performed the test; reports can be pulled to view results of those tests.

Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

When dealing with any kind of unit, there are important safety and compliance aspects to consider. VMS provides for legal case tracking and enables you to comply with TREAD ACT and authorities such as NHTSA.

Dealer Portal

Built on integration between Microsoft Dynamics® AX and SharePoint, the Dealer Portal allows for streamlined communication between the manufacturer and dealer by centralizing multiple functions to one area. Dealers can submit warranty claims, enter dealer parts orders, request pre-authorization for warranty claims as well as view push notifications and alerts from the manufacturer.

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