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Why complete the assessment?

The CuroGens Microsoft Dynamics® AX Upgrade Assessor takes the guesswork out of the upgrade process. Let us help you understand the impact and requirements of upgrading to the most recent version of Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365. Our free online assessment will help determine your optimal upgrade path, the benefits of upgrading, and what it will take in time, money and resources for a successful implementation.

Your free assessment includes:
  • A thorough inventory of your current Dynamics AX integrations and customizations
  • An estimate of the number of hours required to upgrade
  • A free, 90-minute consultation with a Dynamics AX upgrade expert to review your assessment results

Benefits of the Assessment

Cost Savings

Let us help you determine the economic impact of upgrading your version of Dynamics AX. Our free assessment will help you avoid an unnecessary drain on internal resources.

Time Savings

Where the competition can take more than a week to assess what an upgrade will cost your company, our assessment process analyzes and estimates the cost of your upgrade in less than 48 hours.


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