Søren Hjorth, Learning Solutions Director

For nearly 20 years, Søren Hjorth has focused on virtualization, applying his deep knowledge of Citrix, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V to help multiple companies move to the cloud. He has played an integral, technical role in numerous global rollouts, where he’s demonstrated the ability to bridge the gap between an organization’s IT and business departments. Søren manages client virtualization projects in addition to overseeing CuroGens’ network security and server infrastructure. He most recently served as solutions engineer at a global US-based company.

Søren also holds a key role in CuroGens Learning, where he applies his more than 20 years of teaching experience on subjects spanning math, language, technology and training for other teachers.

Søren holds a master’s degree in computer science and business.

5 things you probably didn’t know about Søren:

  • Manages an international Billboard charting singer/song-writer/actress in his spare time
  • Has more than 40 watches in his watch collection—he considers them to be jewelry for men
  • Loves to travel the world to learn about new cultures, taste new foods and learn new languages
  • As a child, he was part of a boys’ choir that toured Europe
  • He loves long-distance running as well as triathlons and has competed in several Ironman races


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