An AX upgrade doesn't have to feel like a free fall.

If you’re still using a legacy AX version, you may be at risk. But our experts provide a soft landing.

The world may not be flat, but our fees are.

As sure as the earth is round and the sky is blue, our fees are fixed and AX experience deep.

Who is CuroGens?

CuroGens is a systems integrator and software development company dedicated to developing business process, CRM and data automation solutions that bring business intelligence to life. We utilize a broad range of platforms and programming languages to develop solutions that connect organizations to the power of their data.

In each project we embark upon and solution we develop, we strive to:

  • Uncover new market demand
  • Align innovation with function and utility
  • Make data relevant and useful
  • Serve the needs of our clients, employees and community

5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics Helps Manufacturers Outpace the Competition

Many small to medium-sized manufacturers are challenged with having the capacity to get the most out of their business system investments. If you’re not using Dynamics to its full potential, it’s quite possible that your competitors are a few steps ahead of you.

Ready for actionable, real-time data?

We serve clients worldwide.

Offices are located in the US, Canada, Spain, Denmark and Ghana.


CuroGens DUA

Understand the impact and requirements of upgrading to the most recent version of Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365.

CuroGens Learning

It’s time to revolutionize the education paradigm by meeting students where they are.

Custom Solutions

CuroGens develops solutions that are platform agnostic, scalable and impactful.

CuroGens mv360

Create loyal customers with a powerful warranty claims management solution.

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